Suggest a title

Man looking for book

If you cannot find a title in the catalogue, you can suggest it for the library.

We will consider:

  • if the title is in print and available from library suppliers
  • the age i.e. published in the last five years
  • format and currency
  • price i.e. generally under $100 RRP 
  • if it is a specialised or scholarly work of interest to a limited audience 
  • suitability to the Glen Eira community.

Requests cannot be taken for titles only available via mail order or online sites.


If your suggestion is purchased, a reservation is placed on your behalf (a $2  reservation charge applies).


Not all suggestions are purchased. If we do not purchase the title, a message is placed on your membership record. 


Click on the link and complete the form. You will need to enter your Membership ID and PIN.

Want to suggest a title - tell us here.