Fees and charges

All prices are GST inclusive.

Library fees and charges

Holiday programs/Special events Charge varies according to program/event: $6.00 - $20.00
Inter Library loans $5 service fee plus any costs if charged by the lending library
Library bags $2

Overdue material (GST does not apply)

25 cents per item per day to a maximum of $10 per item

Reservations and requests for purchase

(excludes children's and young adult items)


Computers and information technology

Personal computers — printing per page


20 cents

$1 colour

Photocopies per page

20 cents black/white 

$1 colour

Sale of USBs $10

 Lost or damaged items and materials

Barcodes $1

Books, CDs, Console games, DVDs, Kits, Talking book sets

List price plus $12 processing charge


Magazines List price plus $3.50 processing charge
Console games and DVD cases $2
Jacketing $3
Kit cases $6
Membership card $4
Talking book cases $6
Talking book CDs $12 per CD