3D printing

We have a MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer which is available for you to book for printing jobs. 


Please note that due to technical difficulties with our 3D printer, no new print jobs are being accepted until further notice.


Our printer uses PLA plastic filament which is available in the following standard colours (subject to change and availability):

  • white
  • yellow
  • red
  • black - no longer available
  • natural (translucent)
  • orange

Printing is only available in PLA plastic. Customers may not supply their own filament.


Consult the MakerBot website for advice, designs and software for 3D printing.


Conditions of use

Due to the specialised nature of 3D printing, the following conditions of use will be strictly applied:

  • there is a limit of one 3D printing submission per calendar week;
  • each submission may only include a single STL file (which may contain multiple objects);
  • library staff are unable to assist with designing objects or the use of design software;
  • only library staff will have access to the 3D printer and print jobs will be moderated and manually queued;
  • there is no guarantee that a print job will be successful, particularly thin, flat objects which are prone to warpage;
  • library staff may refuse to print objects that are unlikely to print successfully or may take more than 10 hours to print;
  • library staff are not responsible for any damage to the item during removal from the build plate;
  • unless otherwise advised by the customer, objects may be printed with 'rafts' and 'supports' to maximise the chances of a successful print;
  • printing is charged at $1.00 per hour or part there of, payable at collection of the print job;
  • non-standard colours, where available, will be charged at a higher hourly rate;
  • multi-coloured printing is not available;
  • library staff cannot accurately predict the print time of an object;
  • print jobs will be processed as quickly as possible but as they can take a long time, no guarantee can be made for when they will be ready;
  • print jobs not collected within one week of notification will be recycled;
  • the library reserves the right to refuse to print objects for a customer who has previously failed to collect and/or pay for a 3D print job;
  • completed objects must be collected from Bentleigh or Carnegie library, they cannot be transferred between branches or mailed out;
  • the library reserves the right to refuse to print an object that is considered  inappropriate, illegal or which breaches copyright.

Submitting your print job

To submit your print job:

  • ensure your design is 'ready to print' in STL format;
  • email the STL file to 3Dprinting@gleneira.vic.gov.au with the subject heading '3D print job' - include your colour preference;
  • you will receive a confirmation email and your print job will be manually queued;
  • once your print job is complete, you will be notified by email to collect it from Bentleigh Library;
  • if there is an issue with your print job, you will be notified by email.