Book bags

If you are short of time or having trouble finding your next book to read, we have three ways to help:
photo of books

1. Personalised library packages

Read everything by your favourite author and looking for someone who writes like them? Need books on a particular subject for homework or school projects? We can help! If you'd love to read more, but are short on time to select books at the library, let us do the selecting for you.  Call any Glen Eira library and talk to us about what you would like in your personalised library package.

Call your local library today.


2. Book bags for kids 

Do you have little time to select books with your child after StoryTime or BabyTime? Well collect a book bag at the end of the session. Each bag includes a selection of picture books, a DVD and magazine to take home. Items need to be returned in the bag and can be borrowed for one week.


3. Genre book bags

Looking for a good read in your favourite genre and run out of ideas? Then grab a fiction book bag and start reading. Each bag has four books in your favourite genre - mystery/crime, romance, saga, chick lit, and more - it couldn't be simpler.