Print, copy and scan at the libraries

Our libraries have self-service colour printers and photocopiers and scanning to USB and email.

Personal computers printing per page is 20 cents black/white or $1 colour

Photocopies per page is 20 cents black/white or $1 colour


Web Printing

Print documents from your own devices. 

No need to install printer software.

Print A4, black and white or colour, single-sided or double-sided.  For A3 printing, please book a library PC and print from there. 


  1. Log your device in to the ‘Glen Eira Public’ Wi-Fi
  2. Use a web browser to open
  3. Login using your library membership number and password
  4. Have money loaded on your library card for payment
  5. Click the Web Print link and follow the instructions.

Staff at the libraries can help you further with your web printing. 


Photographing of library collection materials

• Digital cameras or mobile devices may be used for copying the library collection.

• The use of flash is not recommended for text material. 

• Flash photography is only permitted if it does not disturb other customers.

• Use of a tripod is not permitted.


When photographing library material, please do not:

• create noise or disturb others;

• include other people in any photography without their permission; and

• damage library materials.


You are required to stop photographing if directed to do so by library staff.


The Copyright Act allows you to copy material that is out of copyright and limited portions of some in-copyright material for research or study.


All copying at the libraries must comply with:

• the Commonwealth Copyright Act (1968) as amended; and

• Glen Eira City Council Local Law 2009.


The 3D printing service at Glen Eira Libraries has been discontinued.  The service was introduced to bring this new technology to the local community at a reasonable cost. Now with the wide availability of affordable and up to date printers as well as commercial printing services, interest in our printers has waned and maintenance costs make it impractical for us to continue this service.