City of Caulfield Coat of Arms

Armorial Bearings (or arms) were granted to the City of Caulfield by Letters Patent of the College of Arms, London dated 1 May 1977.

The shield (or background) is a classic quartered design and includes a heraldic lion which represents bravery, strength, ferocity and valour.

The argent (archaic silver) esquire’s helmet which rests on the shield is the type commonly used by public authorities. The crest on top of the helmet consists of a mural crown decorated with brickwork, a recognised emblem of Local Government.

The supporters on each side of the shield are dragons, symbols of valour and protection. They are resting on or (gold) winged wheels and have mural crowns around their necks, emphasising that these are civic arms. Wings represent swiftness and protection while wheels symbolise fortune and the cycle of life.

The Latin motto Labore Vinces —By our labours we shall conquer — is incorporated in the banner.