Early Photograph of the Main Hall of the Caulfield Town Hall

The image is one of five similarly presented black and white photographs showing various rooms in Caulfield Town Hall. It depicts the main hall as it was prior to 1987 when it was redeveloped to accommodate the Caulfield Arts Complex, now known as Glen Eira City Council's Art Gallery.

Decorated in the Classical revival mode, the main hall was originally a vast space, featuring a grand stage surrounded by a continuous proscenium arch, and a balcony at the rear of the hall. The deeply recessed ceiling has a divided central section with lead lighting.

As part of the 1987 redevelopment, a mezzanine floor was added creating separate spaces above and below. The ground floor was developed into an art gallery and the first floor area was a retained as a community hall.

The Glen Eira Town Hall Auditorium, as the main hall is now known, has retained its original colonnades, ceilings and lead lighting, providing a link to its architectural heritage.