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We are pleased to offer YourTutor free to library members. YourTutor is an expert online study help service, when you need it most.



What can YourTutor do for you?

Get one-to-one personal help from online tutors, essay review service, expert help in core subjects — maths, English and science — plus individual assignment and study skills advice.  For Primary school students in Years 3 to 6 to secondary school students, to first year university students and other learners, YourTutor can help!


YourTutor is simple to use.

Just tell YourTutor what subject and year level you need help with, and submit the question you’d like to discuss. This service is available free to library members between 3pm and 10pm Sunday to Friday. You will be matched with the next available specialist in that subject and then communicate with your tutor using typed chat — you'll also get a written transcript of the session. Use the interactive whiteboard to draw more visual information such as mathematical equations.

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