How to use My Library

My Library allows you to login and access your personal account details to:

  • check your reservations
  • view your loans
  • renew your loans
  • see your current requests
  • cancel your reservations or requests
  • create and update alert profiles
  • write a review
  • view your loan history
  • update your contact details.

You can also access records in your SavedList. You do not need to be logged in to use your SavedList.


  • Logging in
  • Logging out
  • Summary listing
  • Personal details
  • Alert profiles
  • My SavedList
  • Renewing loans
  • Cancelling reservations and requests
  • Ratings and comments

Logging in

You will need to login to access your personal account details. If you want to place a reservation or request you will not need to identify yourself again. If you try  to place a reservation or request without being logged in, you will be asked to enter your Membership ID and PIN. 

To login:

  1. Go to My Library and select Login.
  2. Enter your Membership ID (which is the barcode from your library card or user name) and your PIN.
  3. Click the Login button.

If your login is successful, your account details summary page will appear. You can access your account details at anytime during your session.

Forgot your PIN?

  1. Go to My Library and select Forgot your PIN?
  2. Enter your Membership ID and your surname
  3. Click the OK button.

Your current PIN will be sent to your registered email address. Please contact the library if you don't have an email address.

Logging out

To protect your privacy, please logout when you have finished using the system. If your session is inactive for more than five minutes, the system will timeout. To logout go to My Library and select Logout.

Summary listing

My Account ~ Summary gives a detailed breakdown of your current account.



  • Current messages
  • Current outstanding fines and charges
  • Overdue items
  • Reservations ready for collection.


Shows a list of current messages.


Shows a summary of your loans:

  • Current loans
  • Overdue loans
  • Loans you have claimed to have returned
  • Loans you have reported as lost
  • Loans we have designated as lost.

Use the links to check and renew your loans that are not overdue.


Shows your current reservations:

  • Reservations available for pickup
  • Reservations not yet available.

Use the links to check and cancel your reservations.


  • Current alert profiles
  • Current requests
  • Ratings and comments.

Use the links to cancel requests, amend your alert profiles and update ratings and comments.


Shows a history of your loans, reservations and requests.


 Personal details

My Account ~ Personal Details allows you to view your address and contact details, and change your email address and library PIN.

Renewing loans

  1. Go to My Library and select My account ~ Summary
  2. Select the link to display all Current loans
  3. Renew individual loans by ticking the checkbox for each loan, then click Renew Selections
  4. To renew all your current loans, click Renew All.

Wait while the system updates your selections. Some renewals may not be successful. Please note the new due date for each loan.

Cancelling reservations and requests

To cancel reservations:

  1. Go to My Library and select My account ~ Summary
  2. Select the link to show current reservations
  3. To cancel individual reservations, tick the checkbox then click Cancel Selections.
  4. To cancel all current reservations, click Cancel All. 

Wait while the system updates your selections.

Requests must be cancelled individually.

  1. Go to My Library and select My account ~ Summary
  2. Select the link to show your current requests
  3. To cancel, click the link in the ID/Title column
  4. Click Cancel Request.

Ratings and comments

You can review, update and delete your ratings and comments. You can only update records which are still to be reviewed by library staff.

To delete a ratings and comment record:

  1. Go to My Library and select My account ~ Summary
  2. Select the link to show your ratings and comments records
  3. To delete, select the title link
  4. Click Delete Comment.

To edit a ratings and comment record which is pending review:

  1. Go to My Library and select My account ~ Summary
  2. Select the link to show your pending review ratings and comments
  3. Click on the title link
  4. Click Edit Comment 
  5. Make your changes then click Update Comment.