Weekend StoryTimes

Children with books

Join us for  Weekend StoryTimes at  2pm:

Carnegie Library -  Saturdays

Bentleigh Library - Sundays


StoryTime provides parents with a wonderful opportunity to introduce young children to the joy of reading in a fun, relaxed setting. The sessions are 30 minutes and are usually developed around a story or theme. The sessions also include music, songs and rhymes.  


After the session children have time to select their own picture books to borrow and enjoy with the family at home. Preselected book bags are also available for families that do not have time to make their own selection.



Photographs or filming may not take place during library events. If a parent or carer wishes to photograph or film their own children after the event, they may. For privacy reasons, photographs or filming of staff, performers and other children may not take place unless you obtain prior express consent.

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