Internet learning guides

If you're a beginner at the internet, congratulations getting here!

Explore our learning guides from # Digi House providing helpful step-by-step instructions to make the most of internet functions.

Useful internet learning guides

How to create your own email address

This guide helps you set up an email address with Gmail, also known as ‘Google Mail’.

How to use a search engine

This guide shows you how to find information online using a search engine.

What is a web browser?

This guide explains what a web browser is and how to connect them to your internet ready device.

How to keep your smartphone/ tablet secure

This guide shows key principles to keep your device and the personal data stored on it secure

Introduction to apps

This guide explains what apps are and how they can benefit your everyday life.

What is Google Drive and how do I use it?

This guide shows you how to create and use a Google Drive account for file storage and file sharing.

Managing Mobile Data

This guide gives you tips on how to manage your mobile data and ensure you’re not always running out of internet when you need it most.

Link your email to your Apple or Android device

This guide shows you how to link your existing email to the default application on your smartphone or tablet.