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Following the Premier's announcement, for the continued good health of our community Glen Eira Libraries are closed from Thursday 9 July for six weeks or until health restrictions are lifted. Returns chutes will be closed. No new reservations for physical items may be placed. Due dates will be extended until 31 August. No late fees will be charged.





Every Conceivable Way

How far would you go to have a baby?

Despina Meris finds herself chasing IVF, egg donors and international surrogacy in her tumultuous pursuit of parenthood.

After relocating to Australia from New York, Despina and her husband, Bill, settle down to baby-making. But they are heartbroken by a string of unexplained miscarriages, even with the help of IVF. They turn to surrogacy - first in India, then in Ukraine and finally in Thailand, where their baby is conceived. But more drama unfolds when, overnight, they are caught up in the Thai government crackdown on commercial surrogacy, leaving them with no way of contacting their pregnant surrogate.

In this nail-biting true story, Despina gives an inside peek into the IVF and surrogacy industries, the fertility merry-go-round, and what it’s like to live for years with uncertainty. What lengths would you go to before you call it quits, when it seems like all the odds are stacked against you?

Thursday 20 August, 6pm-7pm


Participants will be emailed the link to the session on the day of the event.

Suitable for adults and teens 16 and up. Free event and bookings are essential.

Despina Meris

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