eAudio books

On a road trip, a long solo walk, or lying in bed in the dark? Listen up! Borrow, download and enjoy e-audiobooks with BorrowBox.

BorrowBox is also where you'll find a great collection of e-books.

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E-resource update

Glen Eira Libraries no longer offers hoopla. Please use BorrowBox for eBooks and eAudiobooks. If you are unable to find what you are after, please use the Suggest a Title link.


Borrow Box

Listen on your laptop or PC

1. Login online to BorrowBox with your library membership number and password. 

2. Search and browse our great collection of e-audiobooks to find a title you'd like to listen to.

3. Click the Borrow button to borrow (or reserve a title for later if it's already on loan - you will receive an email to let you know).

4. Once the loan is confirmed, you can download the book to your computer.  You can download the book as one file or, if you prefer, multiple smaller files.

5. Use a media player on your computer to listen to the book. Your computer should already have a suitable player installed, such as Windows Media Player or Apple iTunes.

6. Once you've finished listening to the book, be sure to delete the downloaded files from your computer.

Listen on the BorrowBox app 

1. Download to your device 

2. Select your library, then enter your library membership number and password.

3. Search and browse our great collection of e-audiobooks.

4. Borrow or reserve a title for later - you will receive an email to let you know.

5. Listen and enjoy!

Can I use BorrowBox at multiple library services?

If you wish to use BorrowBox through multiple library services, your loans and reserves will stay active, however downloads will be deleted. To used multiple library services, it is necessary to log in and log out each time to access the different library services:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Account details
  3. Reset

This allows you to sign in with a different account.