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Can't find a title in our catalogue, or a particular e-book or e-audiobook on BorrowBox?

Suggest it to us and if it's available, we'll consider adding it to our collection. Not all suggestions are purchased.

Authors and publishers should send information regarding new publications to


Things we consider when taking on a new title

  • If the title is in print and available from library suppliers
  • The age and currency i.e. published in the last two years. Some exceptions apply; titles missing from a series; classic texts
  • Format and quality
  • Price i.e. generally under $100 RRP
  • Suitability to the Glen Eira community

Materials we generally do not acquire 

  • A specialised or scholarly work of interest to a limited audience
  • "Gift" books; limited editions; textbooks; spiral bound books; stapled books; mini, fabric or pocket books
  • Titles only available via mail order or online sites
  • Self-published, small press, print-on-demand, and independently published titles
  • Items due for publication or release more than 6 months in advance

What happens next? 

If your suggestion is purchased, a reservation is placed on your behalf.

Please note: reservations are currently free, and a maximum of ten reservations per membership at a time applies. 

Not all suggestions are purchased. If we do not purchase the title, a message is placed on your membership record.