A reminder that all library branches will be closed on Thursday 25 April for the Anzac Day Public Holiday. Return chutes will remain open for your convenience and our digital library is always open. 

Join the library

Joining the library is free of charge and easy. You can join online (below) or by visiting your nearest Glen Eira library.

Membership advantages

  • Borrow from our great range of books (including all the latest bestsellers), magazines, DVDs and Blu-Rays, games and more
  • Download e-books, e-magazines, e-newspapers, films and music 24/7
  • Use the free Wi-Fi, and Internet PCs at the libraries
  • Use our online study and research information sites

Join online right now and start borrowing

Get started by reading through the Conditions of membership below.

You will receive a digital-only membership number (starting with C). Use this to borrow e-books, e-audiobooks and all our digital collections.

To move to full membership, please visit any of our libraries to collect your library card (starting with 23162). Don't forget to bring your ID and proof of residential address in Victoria.

Conditions of membership

Please read and accept the following conditions of Library Membership:

There are four categories of library membership:

  1. Digital only membership: valid for three years. Use of e-books, e-audiobooks and other online collections only. Victorian residents may upgrade to full membership at any library.  Child/under 18 years: parents/guardians must give their consent by completing the guarantor section of the online application when applying for a child’s membership.
  2. Victorian residents: valid for three years. Receive full membership with all borrowing rights and library PC use. You must provide either a current drivers’ licence/learners’ permit or two separate forms of identification, as follows:

a) proof of identity; and
b) proof of residential address in Victoria.

Child/under 18 years: parents/guardians must provide their forms of identification when applying for a child’s membership.

Please note: Accepted forms of ‘proof of identity’ are:

    • Passport
    • Birth certificate or extract
    • Student card
    • Medicare card
    • Healthcare card
    • Pensioner card
    • Working with children card

Please note: Accepted forms of ‘proof of residential address’ are:

    • Utilities bill (either hard copy or online)
    • Council rates notice
    • Bank statement.

(all which shows the same residential address that you use in your membership application)

c.   Interstate/overseas visitors: receive membership with limited borrowing (two items, except for games) and library PC use. Valid for 12 months.  Interstate/overseas visitors must provide proof of identity (with or without a residential address).

d. Guest membership: use of library PC (as available). Identification not required. Valid for one day.

  1. Members are responsible for every item borrowed on their membership. Parents/guardians of applicants under 18 years agree to accept responsibility for any material borrowed on the membership.
  2. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to make a final decision on what is suitable reading and viewing for the individual child or young adult. Please note: it is possible for all library members, regardless of age, to access  adult content through our online books, films and other collections.  
  3. Members may borrow library materials and use public access computers and the wireless network in the libraries, in compliance with Council policies and the local law.
  4. Members must present their membership card (or digital version) when borrowing items.
  5. Members will notify the library of change of address or loss of card.
  6. Members and guarantors will pay the value and processing costs of library materials lost or damaged while in their care.
  7. Library materials are considered lost if not returned with 3 months of the due date.
  8. Payment for lost and damaged items are not refundable.
  9. Members may borrow up to 40 items at a time (limit of 2 console games per card). The loan period for all items is 3 weeks.
  10. Library items may be borrowed from and returned to any Glen Eira Libraries branch. After-hours chutes are available at all branches.
  11. Library materials may be renewed twice, by phone and in person at any branch up to three days after the due date, unless someone else has reserved them. Online renewals are available on or before the due date.
  12. The renewal period starts from the due date, not from the date of renewal.
  13. Borrowing privileges are suspended until overdue items are returned or, where possible, renewed.
  14. Notification of overdue items is sent by SMS, mail, or email as a courtesy reminder only. Lost item charges apply whether a reminder was received or not.
  15. Members with charges of $10 or less on their membership card may continue to use library services with payment to be made on the next visit to the library. If charges exceed $10, at least the amount in excess of $10 must be paid before continued use of services.
  16. Glen Eira Libraries aims to keep audiovisual items in good condition. We accept no responsibility for damage to library members' equipment when using library console games, talking books, or DVDs. 
  17. Members may be contacted regarding Council activities and for community consultation.
  18. Membership details are confidential.

I have read and accept the membership conditions.

Complete your membership details here

Privacy Statement

The personal information requested is required primarily for the provision of library service and will only be shared with those directly responsible for providing that service. If you do not provide the information, we may not be able to deliver the service. If you would like to know more about privacy at Glen Eira City Council, including your right to seek access to any information collected on this form, please contact Council’s privacy officer on 9524 3333.