Coding and STEM for kids

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and maths. STEM blends those subjects to teach kids “21st-century skills,” or give them the tool to to succeed in the workplace of the future.

Coding is the art of telling a computer how to perform complex tasks. Coding is a skill that improves problem solving, creativity and communication. It helps kids better understand the world around them. 



Who's it for? 

Ages 6 – 15+ (broken down into recommended age ranges depending on the student's individual progress. Available in four different languages.)

What you'll learn

CoderZ is a powerful, multi award-winning online platform to learn valuable STEM skills such as coding, robotics, and physical computing. It features integrated 3D simulations of educational robots in realistically rendered simulation scenes. 

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Who's it for 

Ages 6-10 years old.

What you'll learn 

10Monkeys is a maths practicing program for primary aged kids that makes maths fun, easy and rewarding. It has tens of thousands of maths activities - more than 250 different types of exercises. 

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