Victorian Bushfire Emergency

The 2019/2020 Victorian Bushfire Emergency is currently affecting communities across the state. Council will continue to keep you updated on our efforts to support communities affected by bushfires. To find out more and how you can support the Victorian Bushfire Appeal, visit our Victorian Bushfire Emergency page.


Coding and STEM for kids

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and maths. STEM blends those subjects to teach kids “21st-century skills,” or give them the tool to to succeed in the workplace of the “future.”

Coding is the art of telling a computer how to perform complex tasks. Coding is a skill that improves problem solving, creativity and communication. It helps kids better understand the world around them. 


Rainforest Coding

Who's it for

Ages 2-6 years old.

What you'll learn

Rainforest Coding is a collection of adventures and activities. They're designed to make Scratch programming easier to understand and fun to learn. It features language-based learning with an emphasis on computer safety.

The adventure takes place on the beautiful Echo Island, part of the Crystal Rainforest. Things suddenly turn very ugly for the scientists living on the island when it is attacked by hundreds of evil robots. Can the children help Doctor Han find her way around the old temples, removing the robots in her way?

Play Rainforest Coding


Who's it for

Ages 6-11 years old.

What you'll learn

BusyCode by BusyThings teaches primary age kids the fundamentals of how to create, run and debug simple programs. There are five areas in BusyCode - each progressing in difficulty. In each area there are three activity types - tutorials, challenges and projects.  

Play BusyCode 


Who's it for

Ages 9-17 years old.

What you'll learn

CoderZ features integrated 3D simulations of educational robots in realistic simulations scenes. Kids can write, test and evaluate their code while solving problems from the real world. 

It helps kids acquire computational thinking, problem solving skills and learn coding as a life skill.  

Play CoderZ 


Who's it for 

Ages 6-10 years old.

What you'll learn 

10Monkeys is a maths practicing program for primary aged kids that makes maths fun, easy and rewarding. It has tens of thousands of maths activities - more than 250 different types of exercises. 

Play 10Monkeys


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