A reminder that all Council Libraries will be closed on Friday 7 April, Saturday 8 April, Sunday 9 April, and Monday 10 April.  Return chutes remain open for your convenience. 

StoryTime and BabyTime Sessions!

Join us for these very special StoryTime and BabyTime sessions you can watch no matter where you are! 

  • When the Waterhole Dries Up - with Lisa

  • Esmeralda's Nest - with Lisa

  • Puddle Hunters - With Mary

  • The Flying Optometrist - With Kira

  • Not So Busy Bee - With Mary

  • BabyTime with Lisa! Video 1

  • BabyTime with Lisa. Video 2

  • BabyTime with Lisa. Video 3

  • Tulip and Brutus with Christen